The fast, easy and dependable way to tie-down an open trunk lid when transporting large items.

  • Installs in minutes / Removes in seconds
  • Conveniently attaches over the trunk lid
  • Prevents damage to vehicle and property
  • Firmly holds to eliminate trunk lid bounce
  • Reduces risk of items shifting or falling out

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Introducing …a new, better and more convenient solution to an old problem

Until now, rope and bungee cord have been the primary means to tie-down a trunk lid or liftgate while transporting large items. They are difficult and time consuming to attach and remove, and ineffective in firmly holding the trunk lid or liftgate in place. Rope or bungee cord can loosen or become unattached which creates a higher risk of damage to the vehicle or items being transported and a greater potential for the items to fall out and become a safety hazard to others.

The TrunkStrap is quick, easy and simple to install and remove. It is specifically designed to firmly and securely hold down the trunk lid or liftgate while transporting large items. The unique and custom features of the TrunkStrap better secures items while in transport which reduces the risk of damage to the vehicle and items, as well as improves the safety for others.

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